The Ministry of Transport received 12 submissions on the International Air Transport Policy Review Discussion Document. The names and submissions are listed below.

Air New Zealand (PDF 350kb)

Auckland International Airport Limited (PDF 165kb)

Aviation Industry Association of NZ (PDF 339kb)

Christchuch International Airport Limited (PDF 1.27mb)* (with one attachment - PriceWaterhouseCoopers Report (PDF 938kb))

International Air Transport Association (PDF 641kb) (includes attachment Oxford Economics - Economic Benefits from Air Transport in New Zealand)

New Zealand Air Line Pilots Association (PDF 155kb)

New Zealand Airports Association (PDF 176kb) (with two attachments - reports from

CAPA Consulting (PDF 1.21mb) and New Horizons (PDF 1.42mb))

Tourism Industry Association (PDF 222kb)

Tourism New Zealand (PDF 39kb)

Wellington International Airport (PDF 485kb)

Virgin Australia (PDF 1.44mb)*

One member of the Public (PDF 8kb)

*these submissions have information withheld on request of the submitters