As part of the ongoing work on drones and drone integration, the Ministry Chairs the UA Leadership Group.

The purpose of the UA Integration Leadership Group’s is to provide strategic guidance and oversight of the work programme to achieve the safe integration of UA into New Zealand’s airspace.

The Group will:

  • Develop and approve a programme of work that is consistent with the Government’s vision for UA integration
  • Provide cross-agency strategic thinking and policy direction around issues, risks and opportunities regarding UA
  • Identify and manage strategic risks to the work programme
  • Monitor progress towards achieving the objectives and priorities as set out in the work programme
  • Establish a mandate for agencies to work on UA integration projects
  • Ensure the UA Advisory Group is briefed as appropriate on issues the Group is considering
  • Provide a channel to resolve significant issues or areas of disagreement that arise.

The Group is made up of senior officials from the Ministry of Transport (Chair), Civil Aviation Authority, Airways New Zealand, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.

UA Leadership Group Documents