There is a range of work underway across Government to support the integration of drones into New Zealand’s aviation system. While we may not always be able to detail all of our work in progress here, we will endeavour to update this list as soon as possible. 

Drone Integration Paper

In order to ensure that the Ministry’s future work on drones is efficiently targeted, we produced a vision paper to outlining the government’s view on the future of drone integration. The vision paper was being developed with input from other agencies and stakeholders from the aviation sector.

See here for more details on the integration paper.


The Ministry Chairs the UA Leadership Group to provide strategic guidance and oversight of the work programme to achieve the safe integration of drones into New Zealand’s aviation system. The UA Leadership Group includes representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and Airways New Zealand. 

The minutes of the UA Leadership Group are proactively published after every meeting.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are reviewing New Zealand's drone regulatory settings. We are considering potential measures to address current and emerging issues from the use of drones.

In September 2019, we went out to selected stakeholders across the aviation sector and drone user groups to test our early thinking on a range of possible regulatory options.

This document below summarises the written feedback received from stakeholders who responded to the early engagement document on the drone safety and regulatory work, September – November 2019.

 We will undertake formal consultation on policy proposals at a later stage.