NOTE: Currently this information refers to the 2003-2014 historical survey.

For information about the Oct 2015 onwards survey go to Current Survey (external link)(external link)

Data from the current survey will be linked to when it becomes available.


Household Travel Survey Tables are available on Statistics New Zealand's NZ.stat:

Regional spreadsheets

Main Urban Areas spreadsheet: [XLSX, 112 KB] This spreadsheet contains mode share results from the New Zealand Household Travel Survey 2003-14 for five main metropolitan areas (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Dunedin). Results include include distance travelled, time spent travelling and number of trip legs by mode.

Transport Dashboard and Indicators

Travel Survey data is used in a number of the Ministry's transport dashboard and indicators.

These include:

And some of the indicators in:

1997/98 Travel Survey

The 1997/98 Travel Survey was a one-off survey conducted with comparable methodology as the current ongoing survey. This page displays detailed results from that survey and tracks changes compared to the 1989/90 Travel Survey also conducted with a comparable methodology.