The results from the 2013 Census provide an opportunity to better understand Auckland’s journey to work patterns, and in particular, see what changes have occurred since the 2006 Census.

The Ministry of Transport commissioned Richard Paling Consulting Ltd to undertake an analysis of the journey to work data from the 2013 Census. The work covers:

  • commuting patterns in Auckland from 2001 to 2013
  • comparisons with commuting patterns of Australian cities
  • journey to work patterns by sub-regional areas, local board areas, and census area units (CAU)
  • commuting movements to selected key employment centres and from selected residential areas
  • changes associated with investment in the rail corridor and Northern Busway
  • commuting movements across the Waitemata Harbour
  • impact of transport investment on land use.

The report, entitled Journey to Work Patterns in the Auckland Region, can be found below.

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