The Ministry of Transport’s progress towards its goals has been assessed in a Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) report, released by the State Services Commission.

PIF evaluates the Ministry on its own goals, looking at whether it is on track to achieve them, and able to make the contribution that New Zealand needs.

The report finds that the Ministry has experienced “a sharp uplift of performance, culture and capability” over the last few years, but needs to find another gear to achieve its goals.  It provides specific challenges to lift the Ministry’s strategic focus, engage more effectively with stakeholders and improve the quality and consistency of its policy advice.

Ministry of Transport Chief Executive Martin Matthews said “The PIF is designed to act as a ‘call to action’, evaluating whether we are on track to meet the expectations we have set ourselves.  We have set the bar high, but are continuing to work towards achieving these goals by building on the examples set by our own successful projects and other leading government agencies.”

The Ministry’s response, included in the review document, notes a number of actions addressing these challenges which are already underway. These, and other options for accelerating progress towards our goals, aim to demonstrate improvement before the follow-up review in about 18 months.

Read the review report on the State Services Commission website(external link).

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