Getting more New Zealanders to check their tyres is the focus of New Zealand’s first ever Tyre Awareness Week from April 7-13.

Tyres are the only source of contact between your car and the road. While tyres are important to a car’s safety and economy, many drivers do not take the time to check their tyre depth and correct pressure.

“Your car’s stopping distance, cornering and fuel efficiency are all affected by the condition of your tyres,” Leo Mortimer, Manager Land Transport Safety, Ministry of Transport says.

As your tyres wear and tread depth decreases, your grip reduces and stopping distances increase in wet conditions.

The legal minimum tyre tread depth for tyre is 1.5mm. The deeper the tread, the safer you’ll be. The Tyre Awareness Week has tips about how you can check the tread depth of your own tyres.

As a driver, it is your responsibility to maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy condition at all times, including checking tyres to ensure they haven’t worn out the tread, lost air pressure or been damaged.

Tyre Awareness Week is a joint initiative of road safety partners including the Ministry of Transport, the NZ Transport Agency, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the New Zealand Automobile Association, Motor Trade Association, Motor Industry Association, Z Energy, VTNZ, tyre retailers and supported by NZ Police.

“It’s great to see a range of government agencies, motoring industry businesses and the AA have joining together for Tyre Awareness Week,” Mr Mortimer says.

“We’re hoping that drivers will take the opportunity to check their tyres and increase their safety on the roads,” Mr Mortimer says.

For information on how to check your tyres and on Tyre Awareness Week visit link)

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