Associate Transport Minister Michael Woodhouse has released the Red Light Camera Position Paper.

The Ministry of Transport, working with the Police and the NZ Transport Agency, reviewed the Auckland Red Light Camera Project Evaluation Report and international evidence to determine the best use of red light cameras.

The analysis shows that red light cameras are an effective safety tool to reduce crashes attributable to red light running and red light running generally. Therefore red light cameras are an appropriate road safety tool where they are:

  • targeted to risk
  • considered within a safe system framework
  • deployed in a cost-effective manner

“This position paper is a great example of government agencies working together and taking a safe system approach to improving road safety”, says the Ministry’s Land Transport Safety Manager Leo Mortimer.

Using the High Risk Intersection Guide will ensure that red light cameras are implemented where they are likely to be the best safety tool to enable the best safety outcome.

“It’s important that red light cameras aren’t viewed as an instant panacea for crashes at signalised intersections. Implementation decisions must be evidenced based using complementary interventions, such as intersection layout and signage, before determining that a red light camera is the best option to improve safety”, says Mr Mortimer.

Future investment in red light cameras will be in wireless/radar based technology that could encompass dual red light/speed cameras. Using wireless/radar based technology will generate capital and operating cost savings over the current technology.

Police are working to update their IT framework so that the new wireless/radar cameras can be implemented. This will take some time but the first cameras are expected to be in opeartion by the end of 2014, with the full digital upgrade completed in 2015.

More information can be found on the Safer Journeys website(external link).

You can read Minister Woodhouse’s media statement here(external link).

Developing a national policy on red light cameras was identified as an initiative in the Safer Journeys Action Plan 2011-2012.

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