Secretary for Transport Peter Mersi has today confirmed his new senior leadership team, which comes into effect on 2 October 2017.

 The Ministry of Transport’s new SLT comprises:

  • Nick Brown: Deputy Chief Executive - Governance and Engagement
  • Bryn Gandy: Deputy Chief Executive - Strategy and Investment
  • Robyn Smith: Deputy Chief Executive - Corporate Services
  • Kirstie Hewlett: Deputy Chief Executive - Regulatory and Data
  • Paul Laplanche: Chief Financial Officer
  • Karen Lyons: Director - Auckland

 Peter initiated an organisational review in February to reflect the changing nature of the Ministry’s work.

 “The increasing importance of emerging technologies, urban development, housing, tourism, and environmental and social issues all have impacts on our transport system - and I believe we need to make changes now to continue delivering what is being asked of us,” Peter says.

 “A key difference under the new structure is that our teams are no longer mode based. This makes us more agile and helps us to bring a systems thinking approach to the transport sector.

 Having the new SLT in place marks a significant milestone in the Ministry’s transition to its new design and I look forward to working with the new team,” Peter says.

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