The Ministry of Transport has released foundation papers for the Regulation 2025 strategic project, examining different approaches to regulation and the potential influence of new technologies.

Regulation 2025 is considering both the need for regulation, and the range of tools which might be available to regulators. Taking a broad approach, the project is considering regulation in its widest sense (including tools such as education, alongside changes to legislation and Rules).

These foundation papers are not government policy, but were commissioned to generate new thinking and help stimulate debate in the early stages of the project, which will run until mid-2016.

The foundation papers are:

So far, the ideas emerging from this research and the team’s analysis include:

  • Flexibility versus certainty in regulation
  • Should we aim for zero risk or reasonable risk?
  • How is regulating machines and information different from regulating human behaviour?
  • How do we make rules which enable new ideas and innovation
  • Should we try and regulate ‘ahead of the curve’?
  • Is the current model of regulating specific transport modes sustainable?
  • Big data, open data and privacy
  • Managing the transition between the old and the new

Read more about the Regulation 2025 project and the Ministry’s strategic policy programme.

Contact the Regulation 2025 project team.

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