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What you need to know

The Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) sets out how money from the National Land Transport Fund is allocated towards achieving the Government’s transport priorities. It sets out ranges for funding for activities such as public transport, state highway improvements, local and regional roads and road policing — we call these activity classes. Each GPS sets out the priorities for the following 10-year period, and is reviewed and updated every 3 years.

We started drafting GPS 2018/19–2027/28 (GPS 2018) in 2017. On behalf of the Minister of Transport, we engaged on the draft and used feedback from the submissions to develop the final. GPS 2018 was published in June 2018 and took effect from 1 July 2018.

GPS 2018 changed the approach for land transport system investment. It included new strategic priorities and amended objectives. The key strategic priorities are safety and access, with environment and value for money as supporting priorities.

In 2019, we worked with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, NZ Police, local government and other relevant agencies to finalise a set of measures to assess progress against GPS 2018 priorities and objectives. Where the data are available, we reported these measures in the first year’s progress report in July 2020.

The work to date

Jul 2020

Year 1 progress report published

This report describes collective progress against the overall delivery of GPS objectives for 2018/19, using the measures identified for GPS 2018 short-term results.

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Nov 2019

GPS measures finalised

The measures in the GPS 2018 were listed as draft measures, subject to further work.

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Jun 2016–Jul 2017

GPS 2018 announced and released

The Minister for Transport announced the release of GPS 2018 on 28 June 2018. It took effect on 1 July 2018.

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GPS 2018 drafted

To develop the draft GPS 2018, we ran an online forum for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), held listening sessions with local government transport officials and attended Regional Transport Committee meetings to discuss any key transport issues that the regions were facing. These sessions provided an opportunity to better understand how the current GPS was used, what transport issues were emerging, and what changes could be included in future.

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