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What you need to know

Transport emissions are the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand and account for 20% of all the emissions we produce. Nearly 70% of all transport CO2 emissions are from cars, SUVs, utes, vans and light trucks.

We need to significantly improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their emissions in order to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The Clean Car Standard and the Clean Car Discount work together to improve the supply and the demand for low and zero CO2 emission light vehicles entering New Zealand. 

This work forms part of wider set of transport-related climate response actions under the Government’s Emission Reduction Plan. 

Each month we publish a range of information that shows the progress of these polices. These include: 

The work to date

Jan 2023

Proactive release 19 January 2023

Below are the documents proactively realeased on the 19th of January 2023.

More information and related documents
Mar 2022

Clean Vehicles Act Passed

The Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount were announced in 2021 but aspects weren’t able to be confirmed or enforced until the Clean Vehicles Act came into force in February 2022. The Clean Vehicles Act primarily amends the Land Transport Act 1998 and Land Transport Management Act 2003.  

More information
Jun 2021

Clean Car Discount Announced

The Government has announced new measures to take action on reducing transport emissions to help meet New Zealand’s 2050 carbon neutral target.

More information and related documents
Jan 2021

Introduction of carbon dioxide emission standard for imported new and used light vehicles announced

The Government agreed to introduce the Clean Car Standard – a Co2 emissions standard for imported new and used light vehicles. We expect legislation to implement the Clean Car Standard will be introduced in 2021, with the policy taking effect in 2022, although fees on suppliers will not apply until the beginning of 2023

More information and related documents
Jul 2019–Aug 2019

Clean Car Standard and Discount consultation

We consulted on the 2 proposals in July and August 2019. The Clean Car Standard is a vehicle carbon dioxide standard, or fuel efficiency standard. It would require vehicle importers to lower the carbon dioxide emissions of the vehicles they are importing. The Clean Car Discount is a feebate scheme that would make low emission vehicles, like electric vehicles and petrol hybrids, more affordable for Kiwis to buy.

More information and related documents

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